Procedures for evacuation will be posted in each classroom. Each teacher will be trained during orientation time on how to follow the evacuation route. First Step provides each classroom with a clip board that lists the children’s names enrolled at the center. In case of evacuation, teachers must bring the clip board to the designated location. During evacuation the following procedure will be apply:

  • Infants will be place in the evacuation crib and a teacher will stroll them out of the center.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers will walk to designate location in a line. A teacher will be located at the front of the line and one teacher will be at the rear to ensure that all the children arrive safe.
  • Each teacher will take a head count when they arrive to the designated location.
  • The administrator of the center will do one last walk through to make sure no one has been left behind.
  • A folder with all the emergency cards will be brought to the designated location.

A fire drill will take place every month. A fire drill log will be posted in the director’s office with the date, time and efficiency of the evacuation drill.