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First Aid & Injury Prevention


First Aid Equipment:

First Aid equipment will be kept in the director’s office out of reach of the children. A sign will be posted in each classroom indicating location of the First Aid Kit. The Equipment will be checked periodically by the center’s director. All staff members will be trained in infants and children’s CPR and First Aid.

Teachers must report to the administrator any and all injuries (even if minimum). The administration will decide if the parents need to be contacted immediately. In case a child needs medical care, the administrator will notify The Department of Early Education and Care.

Injury Prevention:

All the cleaning supplies will be locked safely away from the reach of the children. All the refrigerators at the center will have a safety lock in case medications need to be refrigerated. All other medications will be placed in the first aid kit. All medications will have the child’s name written clearly on the container.


All teachers must check classrooms daily for any hazards and remove anything that can be harmful to a child (broken toys, plug covers).


An injury log will be posted at the center with date, name, time, description of injury and any first aid administered to a child. Teachers administrating the first aid will sign the injury report and the parents will also be asked to sign. A copy will be provided to the parents and the original will be kept in the child’s file.

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