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Infant Program


Our infant rooms are licensed for seven children each, with two teachers per room. Ages range from two months old to fifteen months old. Individual attention and interaction is given to each infant. Through the day we promote basic cognitive and social skills. Each teacher makes sure that each infant’s needs are met. Singing, reading, talking and play are basic activities in the classroom.

We encourage children to explore and learn the environment. Materials and toys are age appropriate to stimulate an infant’s curiosity.

We take daily walks. Teachers interact with the infants at their level. We believe that eye contact is a very important part of an infant’s life. We believe that each child learns at his/her pace and we see each child as a unique individual. Quarterly reports are given to the parents for the first year to monitor each child’s development.

We provide a safe and loving environment, where children feel free to learn and grow with the guidance and support of our teachers.

  • 3 SETS OF CHANGING CLOTHES with onesies ( Weather appropriate and labeled)

  • CRIB  SHEET (for pack-n-play labeled)

  • 3 BLANKETS (Labeled)

  • DIAPERS, WIPES and diaper cream (Labeled)

  • BOTTLES ALREADY MADE OR PRE MEASURED (in a plastic zip lock bag labeled)

  • Sun block ( for infants over 5 months ) & Sun Hat (Labeled)

  • BABY FOOD ( If on solids, labeled) cheerios or snacks if on finger food ( labeled)

  • BIBS ( Est. 6 all labeled)

  • EXTRA PACIFIRE if your child uses one ( in plastic bag labeled)

  • PLASTIC SPOON, BOWL AND plastic FEEDING BIB ( all labeled)

  • EXTRA FORMULA TO LEAVE AT THE CENTER (Please write expiration date on the container)

  • WASH CLOTH, or tooth brush if your child has teeth

  • Up to date immunization and physical

  • Light sweater


Please label all belongings including  bottled caps, plastic bags, blankets, bibs, clothes…..etc.

Thank You
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