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Toddler Program


Our toddler rooms are licensed for nine toddlers with two teachers. Toddler I ages, range from fifteen months to two years old. Toddler II ages, range from two years old to two years and nine months.

We promote interactions and social skills through; socialization with peers, how to play in a group, how to share and take turns.

We stimulate children’s curiosity through the day with paint, story time, singing, structured play, free play, indoor and outdoor activities.

Toddlers struggle for independence, our teachers are prepared to guide each child to learn to be more independent and at the same time to be safe with themselves as well as with others.

We encourage children to explore in a safe manner. Basic cognitive skills are taught through structured curriculums. Children are invited to participate in circle time, singing, painting and coloring through the day.

Materials are selected accurately to stimulate children’s curiosity and hunger to learn.

Simple rules are introduced and review daily.

We encourage and reward appropriate behaviors. We build in each child self-esteem and confidence.

We establish a safe, loving and stimulating environment where children feel free to learn and grow at their own pace.

  • Blanket

  • Crib sheet

  • 2 sets of extra clothes

  • Lunch (parents can buy lunch at the center)

  • 3 Sippy cups  (water, milk or juice)

  • Bibs

  • Diaper and wipes


Please label all the belongings including  sippy cups, plastic bags, blankets, bibs, clothes...etc.

Thank You
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