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Administration of Medication


First Step will administrate medication to children as follows:


Non-prescription medication: A note from the child’s physician is required indicating the dosage, time and reasons why medication is being given. Written parental authorization is also required. The note will be kept in the child’s file and will be valid for one year from the date it was signed.

For infants and toddlers, please provide the center with a new note from the child’s physician if dosage of medication is changed from the last note. First Step will contact the parents before administering any non-prescription medication to a child. If a child needs medication urgently, the director or a staff member will contact the child’s parents immediately after the medication was administered and notify them of the time. (Example of non-prescription medication: Tylenol, Motrin, Aspirin or any over of the counter medication)

Prescription Medication: Any prescription medication needs a written order from the child’s physician, which may include the label on the medication, which must indicate that the medicine is for the specific child and specific dosage, number of times per day and numbers of days the medication is to be administered. A written parental authorization is also required.

First Step will not administrate any medication contrary to the directions on the original container unless authorized by a written order from the child’s physician.

Topical medication: Diaper rash ointments, anti- bacterial ointments and petroleum jelly will be stored in their original containers, labeled with the child’s name, and used only for that individual child. Parents are responsible to provide the center with any specific ointment that must be administrated to the child. A parent or guardian must sign a parental authorization form.

Topical medication: Sunscreen, bug spray, and other ointments which are not applied to open wounds, rashes or broken skin, will be administered to children with written parental authorization. Parents are responsible to provide sunscreen, bug spray and other ointments to the center. In case a child is missing one of the items, the administrator or a staff member, will contact one of the parents to notify them. First Step will keep extra topical medication(Sunscreen and bug spray) in case a child is missing one. First Step will contact the parents or guardians before applying any of the provided topical medication to any child enrolled at the program. All forms will be provided by the center upon enrollment.

First Step will maintain a written record of the administration of  prescription or non- prescription medications given to each child which includes, the time and date of each administration, the dosage, the name of the staff member administrating the medication and the name of the child.

The completed medications records will be kept in the child’s file.

Disposing of medication


First Step will not dispose of any prescriptions or non prescription medication at the center. Any left over medication will be given back to parents.

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