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About Us

About the Director

My name is Sonia Rossi. I’m the owner and director of First Step Child Care Center.

I worked in child care for ten years as a teacher and as a director. I saw many children grow, learn every day, build self-esteem, confidence, become little people with feelings emotions and opinions.

I see each child as unique and special. I created a safe, loving and stimulating environment where children feel safe and loved.

I select my staff based on education, experience, but most importantly “love for children”. As a mother of two I know how hard is to leave your little one. I want every child and parent to feel that First Step is like a second home.

We respect each child’s feelings, emotions and we help them in the learning process to show respect for others.

About the Center

First Step believes that each child is a unique individual with feelings, emotions and opinions. We have created an environment where children feel free to learn, grow and be safe with themselves along with others with the guidance of parents, teachers and administration.

First Step believes helping children develop self-control is an enormous challenge and responsibility. Our teachers are prepared to help children reach that milestone. We support and guide each child in a positive way.

We create daily opportunities for children to engage in different activities. We have fun and learn every day.

We believe that the first years of a child’s life are a crucial part of their development.

We support parents any way we can and we believe in close collaboration between center and parents. We want the best for each child.

First Step hopes that each child and parent has a wonderful experience at the center

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