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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infant Program

Our infant rooms are licensed for seven children each, with two teachers per room. Ages range from two months old to fifteen months old. Individual attention and interaction is given to each infant. Through the day we promote basic cognitive and social skills. Each teacher makes sure that each infant’s needs are met. Singing, reading, talking and play are basic activities in the classroom.

​Toddlers Program


Our toddler rooms are licensed for nine toddlers with two teachers. Toddler I ages, range from fifteen months to two years old. Toddler II ages, range from two years old to two years and nine months.

Preschool Program

Our preschool rooms are licensed for ten children with one teacher. The age in Preschool I ranges from two years and nine months to four years old. Pre-K ages, range from four years old to five years old.

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