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Kinder Cam

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Childcare centers across the nation hear “thank you” everyday from Moms and Dads who take advantage of the value and convenience of KinderCam.

KinderCam is the industry leader in childcare viewing systems, and our state-of-the-art camera systems allows parents an effective way to see their child from home or work.

KinderCam uses any computer connected to the Internet and requires no software, as is needed with other child viewing systems.

Our protected and secure internet service allows only authorized parents to see their children. Using the highest level of internet security allowed by the U.S. Government, KinderCam installs protections at the daycare center as well as at their internet server, which means no worries about who is viewing children.

For childcare centers, KinderCam is a satisfying link between center, parent and child. Centers enjoy loyal, long-term relationships with families using their KinderCam system.

For parents, KinderCam is an easy way to follow your child’s daily routine, watch your child interact with others and keep up with your child’s development. Parents make fewer calls to their childcare center because of the connection they can maintain with their child using KinderCam.

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